Lineage Lanyard

$ 78.00

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This new arrival is sure to evoke the spirit of the warrior.  Where the old meets the new, this design incorporates half Spartan, half Modern Warrior.  Even though the armor has changed over the centuries, one truth remains...behind the evolution of metal to kevlar and no-tech to hi-tech, is the same warrior who earned the right to fill the gap and stand ever ready to pay the ultimate price with helmet strapped tight.  The ages that separate the Mighty Spartan and Modern Warrior are bridged and bound tight together by sinew, and meat, and blood, and bone.  That's the Lineage of the Warrior and the Mortar of Liberty.

  • 1 Lineage Bead, Handcrafted From Solid Copper With Black Oxidation
  • Fishtail
  • 550 Paracord - Non-Gutted
  • Comes in a Luxe Box With a Certification of Authentication

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